Cover Design – Deadly Motivations

This was a case of getting very lucky with stock photography, thank you Thinkstock 🙂 . I love how this design came out, it reminds me of older science fiction novels like Jurassic Park or Ray Bradbury novels with the monochromatic imagery and the strong typeface in the title. It helps when I get a nice wide spine to really make the title stand out as … Continue reading Cover Design – Deadly Motivations

Little bit of clay everything

I’ve been working on some different clay projects hoping to come up with something worth trying to sell that isn’t a direct copy off of something someone else has made. So while I’ll still be making some copycat figures and posting the tutorials and websites along with these posts, here are some of my creations. I was thinking of making several of these little bees, … Continue reading Little bit of clay everything

Cover Mock Up – The Five Books of Abraham Moses

This is one of a set of mock ups, and by far my favorite. Unfortunately it will never see the printer but I’m still very proud of it. The author was very specific on the colors and design he wanted and I followed that as closely as possible for the first mock up but this one I took a little more creative freedom and was … Continue reading Cover Mock Up – The Five Books of Abraham Moses