Game of Thrones 1.3 Lord Snow Review

Time to do this again. Maybe I’ll watch a movie after this, are you enjoying my random little reviews? I’m watching this almost immediately after episodes 1 and 2 so I’m still a little freaked out, but hopefully I’ll get over it soon. Some of my friends said that it takes until season two for the show to actually get good so I haven’t given up hope yet. Even Supernatural is just a monster of the week show for the first season.

I have no idea what is going to happen, but if it’s call Lord Snow I’m assuming it focuses on the dude who is going to the wall, he’s the only Snow, right? Oh yeah that little kid just woke up, this will be interesting, a friend also pointed out that he had some connection to the Dire Wolf, but considering that the wolves have only been in the show a handful of times I’m assuming that might be more of a book thing and less of a show thing.

On with the show

Daenerys finding her spirit and the feisty little Arya learning to fight might be my favorite parts of this episode. I honestly got bored a lot, but there were points where I got sucked in enough that I forgot to take notes.

The Queen is CRAZY, no wonder her son is a crazy little jerk. She’s all ‘we are important so we can tell whatever story we want.’ I guess it’s true but is that really any way to run a successful kingdom, but I guess everyone in this show cares more about power than their people or being honest. I don’t think there is a single honest person on this show.

When they talk about long summers, long winters, winter is coming are they not talking about the weather? I starting to think it’s more about battles and fights for power rather than the actual seasons. And what is which this wall?  I’m assuming there are monsters in this world, people say there are, and we saw something not human in that first episode, but a lot of the characters don’t seem to believe that the monsters exist. Are they just not common, have they been in some kind of hiding for a really long time? Is this like that time that I was playing Pathfinder and I didn’t realize that dragons were actually a thing in that world. I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

Everyone keeps telling me not to get favorite characters because everyone dies. I’m in more of the ‘I don’t hate these two people’ boat rather than the ‘I love this character please don’t kill him’ boat. Why am I watching this…

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